Friday, 22 June 2018


Here we were reading books outside because our class is very hot but in the shade it's nice and cool!

Here we are making our Father's Day cards.

On Beach Day, we did English centres. One of them was Words Their Way with Mme DeSousa, another was reading. We also did Bananagrams, journal writing and drawing a magical garden after reading a book together.

Here we were building a house for our book study, Follet le furet! It was Crazy Hair Day.

We were telling time with a partner and some clocks, we did Reflex math, we did some weight measuring and also we played a dice game. These were our math centres.

Here we were at the zoo and we took a picture by the inukshuk.

At the zoo we saw a polar bear and many other animals.

Here we were at the Nature Playground and the Polar Bear Playground. It was a lot of fun!

This is when we went in the forest to take pictures for a scavenger hunt. We relaxed on the mats to take a bath in nature. We also experimented with plants, water and soil.

We are doing Just Dance in the class.

Here we are learning about worms and compost.

We made art about root vegetables that you can eat.

We went to the St. James Public Library.

We played games like a scavenger hunt, we picked books and signed up for the Summer Reading Program.

This month was really fun. We had fun with our friends!

Thursday, 31 May 2018


Here we are doing a math activity called skyscrapers. We have to use 1, 2, 3 and 4 blocks to solve the puzzle.

These are our math centres. We did skip counting, sky scrapers puzzles, geometric solids, Reflex Math and symmetry with the Miras.

Sometimes we do Just Dance at the end of the day - What does the fox say?

We are studying plants. Here we are building plant and flower models, making a life cycle of a pea plant, stamping the stages of plants, sketching plants, looking and seeds and dirt and sorting foods that are made from plants.

We planted tomato, pea, basil, bean, dill and flower seeds. We noted our observations and measurements in our science scribblers. We also watered our plants each day!

We were looking to see which parts of plants are edible!

We watched videos about all different kinds of plants. The video showed fast motion of the plants growing.

We are doing Words Their Way to study our spelling and vocabulary. We also did an activity called Mad Libs which is very funny! We listened to stories as well.

Here we are doing our English centers. We had to play Bananagrams, read RAZ-Kids, cut out and sort our words and write in our journals.

Here we are doing our oral presentations in English and in French. We call it 'Les super-orateurs'.  Some people presented a recipe and shared food with the whole class. We learned many things listening to each other's presentations.

The grade 4 students went to Track and Field day at Sturgeon Heights. It was a very hot and tiring day!

These pictures are our Treaty Day pictures. Some of the activities we did are talking circles (sharing what we are grateful for), eating bannock, dancing, games in the gym, smudging, art with pastels, making animals with rocks, reading books in the tent and journal writing on the blankets. 

We were making firefly art. We painted a black sky, made a jar, painted the grass and then we glued the jar on and added yellow fireflies. We also used glitter glue for the stars in the sky.

May was a busy month!