Wednesday, 29 September 2021


Welcome to grade 3!
Here are some pictures of us. 

We were asking questions to get to know our friends better!

We drew a Smart Cookie because Mme thinks we are all so smart!

We read books to each other to practice our reading. 

Here we were writing about the things we want to learn and the things we are looking forward to. 

We also got to do centers with Mme Rebecca and Mme DeSousa.

We were reading in French with Mme and sharing our favourite pages. 

We went to the library to find all the rhyming words in a book. 

The third group got to read on RAZ-Kids. We also read on Je lis, je lis and Epic!

A student helped us learn how to use Reflex Math! Then we all got a turn to try it on the iPads. 

In math we are working on hundreds, tens and ones for numbers up to 1000. 

We also estimated and then counted little beads. We are also working on patterns so we made patterns with the beads. 

Mme read lots of stories to us. 

We also talked about biographies and learned some lessons from the lives of Nellie McClung and Viola Desmond. 

We are drawing what we see outside. We also went outside to read and enjoy the beautiful weather!

We were using magnets and seeing what they would stick to. We are learning about magnets and forces. 

We designed our own orange shirts to remember the children who went to residential schools. 

We also read some books and watched some videos about orange shirt day. 

Here are our good copies for the bulletin boards! 

We are happy to be back at school. School rocks!

Thursday, 24 June 2021

May & June


Here is a fun music class using the boom whackers!

We built droids on the 4th of May!

We planted more seeds!

We studied the parts of plants and the plant life cycle.

We painted clay pots!

We ate guacamole for Cinco de Mayo. 

We focused on measuring length and weight in our math center. 

We did some French reading for our French center. 

We worked on Relfex Math with the iPads. 

We wrote a persuasive paragraph about which season is the best. 

We did an edible root art project. 

We honoured the 215. 

We took a virtual tour of the Manitoba Legislative Building. 

Wildlife Haven joined us on Teams to talk about a Great Grey Owl. 

We played games in the gym on our last visit!

Have a wonderful summer!!